TV Guide

Gravity’s TV guide app is a showcase app for their intelligent recommen­dation system. The goal was to create a clean app that focuses on the content, and looks and feels native on iOS8.

We have also implemented a complete EPG guide, with the option to start or schedule recording right from the app.

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We were tasked to create a TV guide app, showcasing Gravity’s intelligent recommendation system. The system recommends movies and shows, based on previous viewing history, likes, and user behavior.

In our solution we are embracing the simple aesthetic of the new OS, doing away with buttons, and using text and images as the UI. We have started by focusing on the information to present, and have identified the order of importance on each page through high level sketches.

Initial sketches of possible layouts

We have carefully crafted each screen with a focus on good typography and appropriate white space. Through in-house user testing we have found that record, schedule and like buttons work well as only icons, so we were able to simplify the UI even further.

Intermediate screen designs

The final product was very well received, and it provided a great opportunity for our client to showcase their recommendation system.

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