Apple Watch App Development


We are a small iOS app developer company based in Budapest. We provide end to end design and development services, including research, UX design, visual design, development and follow-up. This ensures that you’ll get an app that your users love.

Make sure your app rocks!

A successful app is not a collection of screens, but a tangible, dynamic product. Design, performance, interactions, sound and movement are all part of the experience. A combination of these add up to your app’s personality.

We think the best way to achieve this, is to keep  design and development closely intertwined. As a small, cross functional team we are able to create that solid, delightful experience.

Who we are


Perfectionist iOS developer and Swift enthusiast, who is always looking for the best possible solution. Always keen to learn and use the latest technologies.


A passionate UX/UI designer who strives to create meaningful products. Clarity over decoration, user experience over features, and honesty over fashion. When not designing he's probably fixing a car.

Our iterative process


It is extremely important to start with a good plan, and we like to be included early on in the process to ensure that we can understand, and sometimes even shape the decision.


We create low fidelity prototypes of initial ideas, to find the best direction. Next we refine these prototypes, and develop the most important interactions, to make sure they will work out in the wild.


Based on these prototypes we start pulling together the heart and soul of your application. We write clean, consistent and well-structured code to ensure maintainability. Code quality checks, unit and UI tests are all part of our process to guarantee the quality of your app.


We keep on iterating throughout as we fine tune all the componets. Clarity, micro-interactions, typography,—and sometimes sound—are all equally important.


Launching an app is just the first step. It is always better start small and focused, and then refine and grow it into a full-featured application, based on data and feedback.


Finally the process starts over as we add more functionality to the app. Being a small team we don't do sprints, instead we run a Kanban style agile process. This means we develop in stages and release very often.